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Cricket Powder

The powder is ground dried cricket. Cricket powder is superior protein source, high nutrition. Adding power with pasta, bread, energy bar is an option.


Raw Insects

SmileFarm is one of leading in sourcing insect as raw material to instant food factory, restaurant.


Roasted Insects

Besides fresh insect, SmileFarm is leading roasted seasoning insect snack

Premium Grade Pet Food

Insect blended pet food is an alternative food for healthy pets. It serve nutrient-enriched food to promote health and growth.

Cocoon Extract

Cocoon Extract form silk cocoon is exclusive raw material for cosmetics.

Other products

Other products i.e. Banana French fries, Cereal bar, Grain milk, Granolar, Grain Fu (Good!®), protein ball. Besides from insect product.

Smile Farm has other alternative food that serve currently health trend.


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