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Inside the Farm

Good and qualified product must come from valued raw material. Our starting materials for high quality instant products are from GAP standard farming insects. Since high quality, chemical free food for insects, along with efficient facility, our farm is environmental friendly and shady. Cleanliness and hygienic are kept under strictly controlled in order to maintain healthy, good growth, chemical and germ free. The quality control system is accountability.

At our 48,000 sq. m. is zoning for below activity

  • House cricket; 8 House cricket tenement, over 300 cultivating basins

  • Silkworm; 1 silkworm R&D building with 180 trays of cultivating worms

  • Feeding bed; 16000 sq. m. of mulberry bed; 8000 sq. m. of pumpkin and house cricket’s food

  • Factory


here Technology meets Sustainability